DVDXStudio 1.0

DVD back-up tool to make exact copies of your DVDs in an easy and fast way
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If you are worried about the durability and fragility of you movie DVDs, DVDXStudio might be exactly the tool you were waiting for. This DVD backup software tool allows you to make exact copies of your DVDs in a very easy and fast way. Thus, you can count on backup copies of your most important videos, especially when their original discs get damaged for any reason.

DVDXStudio's user interface is very friendly and easy to use. The program basically allows you to perform two types of backups - backup to disk, and backup to DVD-R. On the one hand, the first mode is designed to create a compressed copy of your DVD in a single video file (e.g., an AVI file). This feature allows you to save a lot of space when backing up your movies.

The “Backup to DVD-R” mode, on the other hand, allows you to directly transfer the original DVD files to another (blank) disc or save them in a VIDEO_TS folder on your hard drive, for future editing and/or burning. If you choose a blank DVD as the output destination, you are allowed to specify a hard drive folder where the temporary files will be stored, and decide whether you want to keep or delete these temporary files. It is very important to mention that you have also the chance to select a VIDEO_TS folder - containing a DVD movie structure - as source. In both cases, you can select which audio tracks and subtitle streams will be included in the resulting copy. Once you have set up all the required parameters, the launching of the backing up process itself requires just one more click.

The program offers a wide range of additional features. For example, you can choose to back up from and to Double-Layer discs, and you can also compact the contents of a Double-Layer DVD to a blank DVD-5, keeping most of the information in the original disc (menus, audio tracks, subtitles, and other DVD features) with a practically imperceptible loss in the video quality. As a negative point, the program does not include any help file or tips, which might be especially useful for novice users. Moreover, you are allowed just three uses before asking you to buy and register it - a too short testing period.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Friendly interface
  • Easy to use
  • Allows you to back up from and save to DVD discs or hard drive folders
  • Support for double-layer DVD discs


  • Only three uses are allowed for unregistered users
  • No help files or tips
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